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 Application Template(Copy paste it and fill it in)

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PostSubject: Application Template(Copy paste it and fill it in)   Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:34 am

This template must be copy pasted and filled in in order to make an apllication for Deliberation guild Sylvanas EU:

Character Name:

<Guild History>:
-In which guild you are now,the guilds u were in the past and why did you leave or get kicked

-What specc you have now,Your desirable specc and if u are willing to respecc for the guild requirements)


Armory Profile:
Link us your profile from [url] [/url]

What are your playing hours:
-Tell us what days you can play and the hours you can play these days.Our usual raiding times are 19:00 to 23:00-00:00 4 days per week Saturday usually is a day off

Are you able to farm your own consumables?:
-(Potions,Elixirs,Flasks etc).

Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down:
-If u can afford repair costs and try as many times as the raid wants

-Karazhan,Black Temple,Mount Hyjal and Heroic Keys


-Tell Us A bit about your raiding experience first from PreTBC (MC,BWL,Onyxia,AQ20,AQ40.ZG,Naxxramas) and also your TBC experience (Karazhan,Gruuls Lair.SSC.TK.Mount Hyjal,Black Temple,Zul'Aman)

Friends in guild:
-Tell us if u know some1 from our guild or some1 who can reccomend you

Why u want to join us:

Activity-Play Times:
-(What times and which days can you raid)

What do you expect from the guild and what does the guild might expect from you:

Tell Us A Bit about your self:

Goodluck With Your Application

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Application Template(Copy paste it and fill it in)
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