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PostSubject: hunter   hunter Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 12:23 pm

Character Name:Roxon

<Guild History>:
i was in Draco, a Romanian only guild, i decided to leave because they didn't raid as often as they used to and because no one took anyone serious

now i am marksmanship but i am willing to change my specc if it is necessary

leatherworking 375/skinning 375

Armory Profile:

What are your playing hours:
i usually play about 2 hours every day. from about 21:00 GMT+2:00

Are you able to farm your own consumables?: yes
-(Potions,Elixirs,Flasks etc).

Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down:Yes
-If u can afford repair costs and try as many times as the raid wants

-Karazhan and Heroic Keys


-Tell Us A bit about your raiding experience first from PreTBC (MC,BWL,Onyxia,AQ20,AQ40.ZG,Naxxramas) and also your TBC experience (Karazhan,Gruuls Lair.SSC.TK.Mount Hyjal,Black Temple,Zul'Aman)
I started playing Wow after tbc so i am mostly experienced in Karazhan

Friends in guild:
-Tell us if u know some1 from our guild or some1 who can reccomend you

Why u want to join us:
for fun and to experience

Activity-Play Times:
-(What times and which days can you raid)
any day, but i prefer weekends, starting on friday:)

What do you expect from the guild and what does the guild might expect from you:
i expect to see high quality gaming, progress within th game but also fun times in raids. the guild can expect from me my best:)

Tell Us A Bit about your self:
i am a big WoW enthusiast. i like the open air, riding my bike, going out with my friends and all that kind of stuff. that's about it, hope to see u ingame Very Happy
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PostSubject: Hunter Classleader   hunter Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 8:34 am

I Checked your gear and Spec on the WoW armory. The only problem i see at the moment is that you have allot of blue gear( a bit to much ), since you have leather working you should change that real fast.
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