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 Warlock - Rheaven

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PostSubject: Warlock - Rheaven   Warlock - Rheaven Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 8:45 pm

Name: Thomas
Age: 19
Country: Norway
Character Name: Rheaven
Race: Undead
Class: Warlock

<Guild History>:
Excidium - became inactive
Hells Grannies - guild disband
Telemarks Bataljonen - Too much hazzle/quitters/bad players

Affliction/destro - raid specced. Can change if adjusments are needed

Tailoring (361)
Enchanting (275)

Armory Profile:

What are your playing hours:
I work from 0800-1600, after that im free to do whatever i want.

Are you able to farm your own consumables?:
Np, warlock = pve machine Wink

Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down:
I'm the last guy quitting, im stubborn like uve never seen before hehe.. even if my money ran out i would fight naked! =p Seriously, i hate quitters that leaves after two attempts just whining and flaming cause 'we suck omg mates'. I've seen too many guilds disband cause all the raidleaders do is looking for replacements.

-Karazhan and all heroics

Depends on pet/specc rly. I dont have resist gear, but can be done if needed.
-Nature: 0
-Frost: 0
-Fire: 0
-Shadow: 10
-Arcane: 0

I never became a raiding person before TBC rly.. After TBC ive mostly done Kara and attempted a few Gruul raids.

Friends in guild:
Kenchan, we were together in Hells Grannies guild ;D
(there also are several other ex-Hells Grannies members in your guild like Azzurianr, Sandalf and soon Vladdus will join aswell it seems:)

Why u want to join us:
I know a few of the guys in there, great players i want to raid with. Tired of slackers/noobs/quitters etc..

What do you expect from the guild:
Serious and dedicated players that can do the job and a friendly, mature atmosphere in the guild chat.

Tell Us A Bit about your self:
I'm working in the concrete buisness, hard labor but it pays the rent Smile
Live in a city named Haugesund in Norway.
Dinging 20 IRL in just two days Smile

Atm I've turned to PvE fulltime again after a long time of PvPing, ready to down some fat bosses!
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PostSubject: Accepted!   Warlock - Rheaven Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2007 7:51 am

Cewl apply.. To be honest we need locks with hands and i need a machine lock.. if you are one of them.. then Pm me in game Smile

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Warlock - Rheaven
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