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 Holy Paladin Apply

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PostSubject: Holy Paladin Apply   Holy Paladin Apply Icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2007 11:19 am

This template must be copy pasted and filled in in order to make an apllication for Deliberation guild Sylvanas EU:

Name: Daniel
Age: 16
Country: Sweden
Character Name: Äggtoddy
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Paladin

<Guild History>:
-In which guild you are now,the guilds u were in the past and why did you leave or get kicked

Have only been in some IRL friend guilds, My little Pwny and Parental Advisory, left them because of raid inactivity. (Been in Pure Faith, Concept, Event Horizon, Midvinter (just in the beginning of TBC, on my rogue and warrior)

-What specc you have now,Your desirable specc and if u are willing to respecc for the guild requirements)

Holy specced, willing to respecc ofc but I don't have gear for anything else.


JWC: 370
Mining: Lowskill
(also got a rogue and a warrior with 370 LW + 375skinning / 375 BS + 375 mining)

Armory Profile:
Link us your profile from
Doesn't seem like the link I'm putting in here wants to show up, anyways. /W me in game for gear or check out the armory.

What are your playing hours:
-Tell us what days you can play and the hours you can play these days.Our usual raiding times are 19:00 to 23:00-00:00 4 days per week Saturday usually is a day off

I can raid almost everyday to around 22.30-23.00 (depends on my parents) since I'm in school and stuff I might be on alot 1 week and a little less next week but I'll probably always be able to attend to atleast 2raids a week.

Are you able to farm your own consumables?:
-(Potions,Elixirs,Flasks etc).


Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down:
Yes, aslong as the time is not very late and my parents are stabing my back.

-If u can afford repair costs and try as many times as the raid wants

-Karazhan,Black Temple,Mount Hyjal and Heroic Keys
Karazhan. All heroic keys.


-Tell Us A bit about your raiding experience first from PreTBC (MC,BWL,Onyxia,AQ20,AQ40.ZG,Naxxramas) and also your TBC experience (Karazhan,Gruuls Lair.SSC.TK.Mount Hyjal,Black Temple,Zul'Aman)

Pre TBC = Full AQ20 ZG and MC on my rogue (also a few tries in BWL), nothing on my warrior and my pally didn't exist back then.
TBC = Full kara (all chars) then gruul, VR in TK, Lurker in SSC, tries on maggy on my rogue.

Friends in guild:
-Tell us if u know some1 from our guild or some1 who can reccomend you

No one atm, applying with 2 IRL friends though.

Why u want to join us:

You've got nice raid times and the guild is looking like a good one for me. I enjoy raiding and progressing through raidinstances.

Activity-Play Times:
-(What times and which days can you raid)

Sunday-Thursday = around 16.00 - around 22.45 (all depending on schoolwork)
Friday-Saturday = around 11.00 - around 03.00

What do you expect from the guild and what does the guild might expect from you:
-I expect a friendly guild with fun raids. Let's just say I expect alot of fun Smile
Guess you could expect a pretty good healer and a friendly, sometimes funny player, and if needed I can come on to my rogue and give you a bit of powerDPS Razz

Tell Us A Bit about your self:
-I'm 16years old, I live in Uppsala in Sweden. Still in school which is really boring since it limits my play time on the evenings (crai :<). I like raiding and having fun with guildies while playing WoW and outside WoW it's mostly hanging out with friends having a great time.

Goodluck With Your Application
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Paladin Apply   Holy Paladin Apply Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 11:06 am

I think we have 2 paladin spots open m8 but im not really sure atm!Your gear seems nice too so you have just to w8 for Nemesis to answer you!
GL with your application

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PostSubject: application accepted   Holy Paladin Apply Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 11:37 am

You seem like what we need , wisp me in game 2 tell you a few things i need

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PostSubject: Re: Holy Paladin Apply   Holy Paladin Apply Icon_minitime

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Holy Paladin Apply
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