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 70 holy paladin application

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70 holy paladin application Empty
PostSubject: 70 holy paladin application   70 holy paladin application Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2007 10:55 am

Name: Frede
Age: 16
Country: Denmark
Character Name: Robiina
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Paladin

<Guild History>:BackDoorRaiderZ,Coheed

Specc: im holy 41/20/0 raid specc



Are you able to farm your own consumables?:Farming primals , buying pots/elixirs

Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down: ofc

Attunements: Karazhan, Heroic keys .

Experience:PreTBC - ZG,MC,Ony,BWL,aq40,aq20(with other charracters). TBC-Karazhan, Gruul, tk ( void ), ssc (lurker)

Friends in guild:nope

Why u want to join us:I want to join pve guild there do alot of raids

Activity-Play Times:normal raiding time is just fine for me . 18 + or whatever i am happy with any time .

What do you expect from the guild and what does the guild might expect from you:nice progress .

Tell Us A Bit about your self: Oke I'm 16 years old. I live in Denmark, going to school,playing wow most of my time afther and before school... alot of my irl friends playing on this realm so i am having fun with them .
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70 holy paladin application
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