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 Warlock (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Warlock (Accepted)   Warlock (Accepted) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 3:10 pm

Name: Ivan
Age: 18
Country: Croatia
Character Name: Belendra
Race: Undead
Class: warlock

:(In which guild you are now,the guilds u were in the past and why did you leave or get kicked)
Pre tbc i was in guild Concept i joined them when i dinged 60 lvl, really enjoyed raiding with them but we were on 1st boss in BWL for long long long time and i got chance to join Nexus so i did it. Did AQ 40 and full BWL with them then i stopped playing wow few months before Burning Crusade. When i dinged 70 joined Serbian guild named SFRJ did Karazhan with me but i wanted to pvp only so i left. Now i wish to raid like before to enjoy it like i used to

Specc:(What specc you have now,Your desirable specc and if u are willing to respecc for the guild requirements)
Atm i am aff but if guild wants to i will resp


Are you able to farm your own consumables?:(Potions,Elixirs,Flasks etc.)
yes i am

Are you willing to stay in the raid until a boss is down:(afford repair costs and try as many times as the raid wants)

Attunements:(Karazhan,Black Temple,Mount Hyjal and Heroic Keys)
i am kara att only and can do all heroic
Experience:(TBC and PreTBC)
Tbc: Karazhan only
PreTBC: ZG,AQ20,Onyxia,MC,BWL,AQ40
Friends in guild:
I think i don't known anyone
Why u want to join us:
I am looking for karazhan/gruul's lair guild who has good players and is progressing fast

Activity-Play Times:(What times and which days can you raid)
I can raid almost every day from 7:30 - till raid ends

What do you expect from the guild and what does the guild might expect from you:
I expect nice and friendly players who want to progress , and you can expect very active and good lock who is alweys ready to raid

something abaut me:
My name is Ivan. I come from Croatia and still going to high school Sad In my free time i play tennis, go out with friends and ofc playing wow
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Warlock (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warlock (Accepted)   Warlock (Accepted) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 7:30 am

Hey dude! Well m8 cewl apply..But you need to raise up fast your tailoring to craft some items cause you dmg is low...But that doesent matter if some one knows to make dps and especialy warlock items dont worth that much.. i can give you a trial..

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Warlock (Accepted)
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